​​Hanna Wroblewski

'Darling, I don't sell dreams...' the Reviews 

'It takes confidence or courage to perform an entire dance piece, for the best part of 20 minutes, perched on a stool. Hanna Wroblewski lacks neither requirement. Placed on this pedestal, a few feet from the ground, she is a silver screen siren; voluptuous in a Grecian gown, slowly revolving, shyly shielding her face from view.The glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Age is encapsulated by the body of Mae West and the hair of Rita Hayworth; but wrapped in a puzzling performance that also evokes the intrigue of Wroblewski’s long-deceased compatriot, Marlene Dietrich'

​Graham Watts

'That was a truly fabulous premiere #moreplease ' 

                                                                                 Lorna V. 

'Hanna enjoyed an equally tentative, uncertain and even consciously hazardous exploration of what she might safely – and less safely – do without ever descending from her precarious pedestal: (...) It bespoke a painfully distorted and hard-won freedom for even the most modern young woman.'

                                                                                                                               Barbara Berrington

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'Wroblewski plays a very public figure to the music of her very private thoughts. (..) finding just enough breath and just the right notes, not selling dreams but wrapping them up as gifts.' 

​Nicholas Minns 

Danc​e Artist

'In a misty scene, Hanna Wroblewski stands tall, with her back to us, on a high stool. Her white dress and pure red hair draw the imagery of a nymph. (...) Contrary to the title she really sold a dream to me.' ​

Asteropi Tia Chatzinikola