Wroblewski succeeds in creating a character made of flesh but not necessarily human, a mermaid perhaps (the image reinforced by her naked upper torso and long skirt with trailing strands). Her doleful, deep brown eyes possessed a pleading timidity that emphasized this creature's vulnerability. Here was a performer without inhibition, clearly comfortable in a complete surrender to her artistry. I loved it.' 

Graham Watts

'The piece began with Wroblewski’s 
exposed spine undulating to dramatic strings
and dimly pulsing burnt-amber lighting
​- an undeniably beautiful image.'

James Morgan 

'My Heart became this Monster' - the reviews 

​​Hanna Wroblewski

'But it was talented Hanna Wroblewski's 'My Heart became this Monster'  - a 20 minute solo by this striking red-haired, bare chested young dancer in a volumnious gold skirt - that made the deepest impression. I found Wroblewski tearing at her exposed back (leaving visible red stripes) rather disturbing, but the energy and quality of her movement, mostly floor-based and some of it executed blindfolded, was extremely impressive. I would certainly like to see her perform again.'
                                                                                                    Maggie Piggot 

“Needless to say Hanna Wroblewski’s show was outstanding and, I daresay, could be considered as one of the best ones shown during this annual resolution performances.”

Taken from Dance.org

​2017 Hanna Wroblewski. All rights reserved

Danc​e Artist

‘I’m so glad to be bringing Hanna Wroblewski’s solo My Heart became this Monster back to GOlive for the third year. It’s – how can I put this? – transcendentally punitive, and she’s tremendous in it!
                                                                                                                    Donald Hutera

Hanna Wroblewski’s My Heart became this Monster threw down the gauntlet to the audience: what are you going to make of this? (...)
​Intriguing, and she succeeds in getting the audience thinking: is this a dream, a nightmare, a story, an allegory? Whatever it is, she leaves us with unforgettable images.

                                                                                             Claire Cohen