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​​Hanna Wroblewski

Hanna Wroblewski, hailed by Graham Watts as one of the top five young choreographers to watch, is a London-based choreographer originally from Germany. 

Her professional dance education began in 2004 at the Erika Klütz Schule in Hamburg. She graduated in 2007 with a first class degree in dance pedagogy and worked as a freelance dance pedagogue in Germany until 2010. She then started her Master of Fine Arts Study in Choreography at the University of Roehampton, graduating with Merit in 2012.

Hanna works internationally and has been collaborating with artists such as: photographer Eulanda Shead; photographer/videographer Urban Decay Visuals; composer Robert Peate; lighting designer Justyna Janiszewska; fashion desginer Morvarid Zadehkoochak; musican Bartosz Glowacki and singer songwriter Turan Webb. Furthermore, she is a longstanding performer for the international dance theatre company nylon theatre and has been performing for LA based Choreographer Colette Brandenburg. 

Her first solo ‘My Heart became this Monster’ has been shown at the Michaelis Theatre (Roehampton), The Robin Howard Theatre at The Place (London), as well as multiple times in various venues as part the GOlive Festival, cuarted by Donald Hutera. This piece was incredibly well received by critics and public alike. 

Hanna was an artist in residence for 2015 at Clarence Mews Space in Hackney, where she has been working on the first steps to her new solo project, ‘Darling, I don’t sell dreams…’. which premiered in 2016 as part of Donald Hutera's GOlive Women at Oxford and has been shown at Resolution17 at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre at The Place London. 

The live performances she creates are informed by her passion for cinema, photography and live music and often use very strong imagery and visuals. She aims to create work that challenges not only her but equally the audience. 

Lastly, she also  maintains her freelance dance work in Germany where she currently works as an independent choreographer and choreographic consultant within the German Association for Jazz and Modern Dance Competitions.  If you are a german dance team/club and interested in this work, you can find more information about this here.